WOD 2 - July 19, 2011

Lifting Intensive

  • Burgener warm up PVC
  • Skill Transfer PVC
  • Burgener warm up 22# bar
  • Skill Transfer 22# bar
  • Practice transition of clean to jerk hold

Clean & Jerk 

My C&Js are NOT that pretty.  I actually clean the bar (used the 45#) and stand there, then squat…um guess I’m stronger than I think. It’s odd too, with no mirrors in the gym the experience is that I don’t get the weight overhead, when in fact I do.  Instead, I’m just not finishing the lift and I drop the weight….or so coaches tell me. hmmm  In my head I didn’t even get it up off my chest.  One to grow on kids…

Went up to 100#, fail, dropped to 95…then practiced with 65#.

My back is still bothering me and I’m contemplating just practicing without much weight…cause apparently you can still get good that way.

Carry on…