WOD 3.8.2011

so that integrity thing…RESTORED!  I was WODless for 3 days…yep Sat, Sun AND Mon…look away don’t judge…nothing to see here. 

Hangs head in shame…no more!

Annie: 1+ min PR-10:44 (I was going for sub 10..whatevs)

50 double unders
50 sit-ups
40 double unders
40 sit-ups
30 double unders
30 sit-ups
20 double unders
20 sit-ups
10 double unders
10 sit-ups

I noticed that with my increase in double undering ability, this benchmark gets to be a bit more taxing…sit-ups are a little slower than normal as I’m sucking way more wind from chaining double unders together.  Hmmmm Annie.

Then I practiced more double unders to get 30 in 1 min to check that off my level 1 test out at my box.  bam…30 seconds.

Then some time with the lax ball

Sidebar: I had to stop and settle my heart rate before I started Annie.  There were other people in the room with me at globo gym and one guy knew what I was doing and my intentions.  It put the pressure on a little bit.  Just observing my pre-game jitters and working through them.

I have 3 days to run a Mango Mile…le sigh.